4 Pokemon Go Hack Tips That Still Work

Pokemon GO Tips

People are now busy to play and find Pokemon Go hack tips. This game is booming all over the world. Almost Pokemon fans since their childhood play this game wherever they are. These Pokemon trainers hit the streets and neighborhood to catch all Pokemon as possible. They want to be the very best as Pokemon Master. However, it is not easy to be the Master. You need to read these hack tips of playing Pokemon Go surely. Yes, it is not only how to throw the Poke Balls but also some unqiue things that you can to do to make this game easier.

Find Newarby PokeStops

PokeStops are important to be found because they give us free stuff like Poke Balls, eggs and many more. Thus, finding nearby PokeStops will be useful for beginner players. This becomes the first Pokemon Go hack tips for today. We have found that one of the iOsapp called the Yelp will give you all information of PokeStops in this world. All you have to do is just swiping the current location of yours or making the list of PokeStops that you want to go. Using this app will help you to find nearby PokeStops without wasting much time to explore around your area.

Hatching the Eggs

After we swipe some PokeStops, we may gain some eggs to hatch. Our second one of Pokemon Go hack tips for today is about how to hatch those eggs easily. As we can see, this game forces to walk in certain kilometers to hatch the eggs. What if we are too lazy to do that? Just tape your phone on the ceiling fan and let it spin around you for some minutes. Then, check out your eggs. We are sure that they will be hatched easily without spending much time to walk up to 10 kilometers, right? The game will still count the movement of your phone although we tape it on the ceiling fan.

Catching Them All Easier

Do you know that you can turn off the AR feature during the play? Yes, we can turn off the AR feature to turn off the camera while catching a Pokemon and it becomes our next Pokemon Go hack tips for today. It is so much better than you turn on the camera because the Pokemon’s position will not follow your camera anymore. Thus, you can toss some Poke Balls on target without looking for the position of the Pokemon. As a result, the background will be replaced with animated green field. You do not have to aim where the Pokemon is anymore. To turn off the AR feature, just look on the top corner of your screen while catching a Pokemon.

Throwinga Poke Ball

Last but not least, it is dealing with how you throw the Poke Balls. Just like Ash Ketchum does on the anime, throw the Poke Balls in curving movement. In other words, you can throw curveballs while catching a Pokemon. First of all, spin the ball for a second and the toss it right away to the target. The curveballs will give bonus XP if you catch the Pokemon. This is the last one of our Pokemon Go hack tips today.