Mafia III – The Rebirth of Vito Scarletta

Mafia III

Mafia III can be existed because of the high demand of the fans of the game action that emphasizes on the underground world. When you have ever experienced playing the Mafia game, then this game should never be missed. Indeed, this Mafia III comes as the offspring of the Mafia II. Although for some people there are not specific minuses about the Mafia II, people as the players highly demand the publisher to make the better version and the newer plot. Because previously the plot is emphasized on how the Vito Scarletta as the main character has to struggle to be the high class mafia. Are not you curious enough about the new version of Mafia series?

The Plus Points about Mafia III

In the previous version of Mafia series, the ending seems to be unclear. The main character seems to have gone without description. In this Mafia III, people will get to see the main character of Mafia II although Vito Scarletta does not play as the main character. Mafia III will feature Lincoln Clay, an ex soldier with mixed blood. The plot was started after the Vietnam War in 1968. He found a foster family in the milieu of black skin mafia but sadly they were killed by Italian mafia.

He stood against it and he wanted to take a revenge for those killers. You will be Lincoln Clay who is willing to do everything and struggle for your best to build new families. You will be helped by other mafia groups. They are Cassandra, Burke, and also Vito Scarletta. These three important people will back you up to get your victory. Moreover, the plot does not stop right there. When these three people find you as the one that makes them feel a great loss, they will never feel hesitate to betray you off.

Mafia III has been perfectly made as awesome as possible. It has the situation in the era of 60s. We do not have to imagine how the era of 60s looks like because this game has been able to figure out what the era looks like. In this Mafia III, the image of Vito Scarletta has turned to be much more mature and older. You will notice how his white hair covers his forehead. It can be something challenging for those people who do not only want to concentrate on the Italian mafia like the previous versions of Mafia III.