Outlast II will hit market this fall

Horror game lovers should be patient to wait Outlast II which will be released in fall 2016. This was officially announced by Red Barrels Games which becomes the developer of Outlast in the end of 2015 ago. Moreover, they added that the next series of Outlast will be able to be played for many consoles and PC. Of course, PS4 and Xbox One will get the first place to test this game besides of PC gamers. In addition, the developer also claims that the game will belong to Mac users either. For your information, Outlast is one of popular horror games during its first release. Almost all youtubers gaming play this game on their channel.

Outlast II

The announcement of Outlast II was announced on the official twitter of Red Barrels Games. They added that this new series won’t take the same background as same as the first series. We believe it will be scarier and challenging for horror lovers. It is shown on the first twit of this developer which said that there is no asylum anymore for the next Outlast. This is not fresh news actually because some gamers have already predicted the settings won’t be at asylum anymore because it is almost boring if we run over asylum once again, agree?

As we can predict that the survival horror is the main feature of Outlast II. However, it obligates the developer to make this game fresher and better rather than previous series. Of course, they will give it on the new content but still in survival horror gameplay. For your information, this game forces the players to do something out of the box in order to survive from the main antagonist of Outlast. Thus, this out of the box activity becomes the best way to win the game for sure. We will still many jumpscares from the first Outlast.

If you are curious about the game, the developer has released the trailer on their official website. You will see different setting of Outlast through the trailer. Once again, we can feel the same situation in a different theme. They keep the horror accents which belong to Outlast for its sequel. Only one thing that is not sure of this game. It is about the detail of release date. They just said fall as the deadline of this game. But, they did not add the specific month or date which will be chosen as the launching for Outlast II.