PS Vita Games: Some of the Expected List for the 2017

Believe it or not, there are some great PS Vita games to look forward to. On the contrary to your belief, PS Vita isn’t dead yet and there are some exciting games that you can wait for. Some of these games are even said and claimed to be one of the best that Vita has ever presented. So, if you still have the console, don’t throw it out just yet – well, at least until you have tried some of  these games, anyway.


PS Vita Games: Oceanhorn Monster of the Uncharted Seas

Set out to be released at the end of 2017, this game has the slight design and feel of Zelda-like dimension. The genre is adventure and action (figured, right?) and this RPG 3D action isometric type also include the combination of real time combat, puzzle solving mode, and also style upgrades. As the one controlling the main character, you can unlock the new areas within the map. A lot of people say that the game is pretty good although it’s not doing so well on the originality platform. But if originality isn’t your issue and you have been dying to play such a genre in Vita, it is no wonder that having one of this PS Vita games will be worth your expenses.


PS Vita Games: The Forgotten Memories Alternative Realities

If you are into horror so much, this PS Vita games that is set to be released around the late of 2017 will present the horror and survival mode. The plot is about Rose given the task of having to find Eden, a young girl. Rose is awaken in a completely strange place, being wounded, and having to deal with the searching task. As Rose, you will have to explore the hallways of an abandoned asylum to save Eden. As if it weren’t bad enough, Rose will have to face the deepest fear in her terrifying investigative attempts.


PS Vita Games: Plague Road

It is actually an indie project with tactical strategy RPG mode with a gothic city setting surrounded with titular disease, ready to release around summer. You will be playing as the Plague Doctor who returns to your home town only to find out that you need to save the patients suffering from the disease.  As if your task weren’t difficult enough, you still have to deal with the monsters. There will be different regions with different monsters, including the types of rewards and risks that come along. Don’t you think that this is worth to wait PS Vita games for this year?