RoboWars with Addictive Gameplay Review


RoboWars is one of the new games from the Catlil Studio. This game offers very addictive fights between robots. However, this game is on the soft launch version now which means that it is not fully released yet. This game carries Survival gameplay which is popular on the smartphone or mobile games’ genre these days. This is quite surprising for the survival game lovers because they have been facing new experience to use robots. For your information, Catlil Studio is not alone to develop this game. They have co-operated with Dongseo University and Minthsphere in developing this addictive survival game.

In the beginning of the RoboWars gameplay, there will be a simple tutorial as usual. It is important for you to know the mechanism of this game for sure. DO not worry to follow the tutorial because it does not take a long time for you. Then, you can start to choose your robot which you want. This robot is your partner against your enemies. Keep in your mind that every robot has its own characteristics and skills. There is a robot which is good to use sword, arrows and many more. One of the favorite robots is Victor which is able to use Flying Dagger as its main skill.

Furthermore about the gameplay of RoboWars, the players are offered to level up their robots in order to increase their skills and status. You need to know that every fight will give you some gold for your wallet. It can be used to buy or upgrade your robot weapon and stats. Of course, each robot has different stats and skills as we said before. If you want to reach the peak stats of your robot, it will be better to use gold from your battle. The uniqueness of this game is shown by the battle mode. You can choose the place which you want to play depending on the difficulties. When you are fighting with your enemies, you can choose two modes, automatic or manual.

It depends on your demand to choose the mode. When we are playing this game, it is very fun to collect all of the enemies in a place and then destroy them at once by using our robot skills. It is more effective to collect much gold either. There is a power-up which is also effective to increase your attack, health and speed. We recommend you to choose the robot which typically suitable with your characters such as attacking them without mercy or killing them one by one. You can get other robots without buying them. If you finished the quest, you also have an opportunity to get free-robot in RoboWars.