Simple and Effective Township Tips

Township is an increasingly popular mobile game lately. The objective of the game is to build a city.  It’s a combination of farming and city building. You build your town by using the resources resulted from the goods you produce and the crop you plant. On your way, you will encounter many obstacles and levels until your town grows into a big city. To generate more fun out of your game, there are tons of tips for the game. The following are several Township tips that might help in your gaming session.

To make productive crop out of your fields, you need to consider several things. As Township tips, if you want fast cash, you might consider to plant fast crop such as corn and wheat. They take only several minutes to grow. Although this seems boring, it is the fastest method to get your coins if you can’t complete any order. The efficient way to plant crops that have longer time to grow, such as potato, is by planting it before you sleep. So, in the morning, the crop is ready to harvest. Save your barn space from some other items. By using Township hack, if you do not need the finished products of your animal farm, it might be wise to let the product sit there as it is.

Township game has two currencies: premium T-cash and coins. The helicopter brings order from the people of your town. At first, it is easy to fill the entire request, but as the game improves, you might encounter troublesome requests and several of them often did not pay you well. As Township tips, if your level is 20 or above, you should reject requests which do not give you 300 coins or up. You may accept cheap jobs if they are really easy to do.

Since Township allow you to add players from within the game’s community or from Facebook, use that feature. As Township tips, you can have several benefits by having friends, for instance they might send you gifts. They also will help you to complete the requests of train goods and airport. Furthermore, if you have lots friends, there will be lots chance of more goods at the city market. If you have no friends who play Township, you could always add anyone on the Friend list. This will bring you more benefits than you play the game all alone.