The Deadly Tower of Monsters, A Classic Science Fiction Game

The Deadly Tower of Monsters was just released few weeks ago on January 19th, 2016. It’s a PS4 game that can be said as an odd game. The visual of the game is based on the old science fiction movies in 1950s such as King Kong or The Blob. Don’t complain about its visual display because it’s based on those old movies. It will give you classic game atmosphere. But still, the game is so fun and enjoyable to be played.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

This game comes in artificially visual display. Some of the characters such as giant robots are basically a vacuum cleaner that has giant appearance. Then, for the King Kong character, has ‘odd’ costume, looks very fake. Many objects in the game has bad visual quality. But, once again, the quality of the visual display is not the focus of The Deadly Tower of Monsters. Some people may get bored after play this game in a long period of time because the game only focused on twin-stick shooting and melee-combat that murdering and destroying everything around you. The limit of the game is only your energy meter for the ranged weapon. Then, after you have killed the same enemies in many times, you can simply remember the motions and avoid it to move to the next combat or level.

Although the game basically represents the story of old fiction movie, the objects in the game that has trashy visual display cannot do many things. It can be said that The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a bad science fiction game movie based. The director of the game said the game was made in the era of Planet Terror, Galaxy Quest, and The Big Lebowski movies. After play through many combats in this game, there somethings about the game that will stick in your mind. You can get charm atmosphere from the tactical world and vibrant of the game.

You should also try to jump from the tower because you will the past enemies and stories rushing upwards during you fall from the top of the tower to the ground. It’s so impressive. Playing this game will recall your memory about many old science fiction movies. Although some people will get bored when playing this game, it still recommended for you to try this game. Especially if you never played this kind of game before, you will find something new and interesting. The Deadly Tower of Monster may be boring for some people, but it still a good game.