The Definition of Technology


Technology is knowledge body that is very important in order to extract materials, process actions, and create tools. Technology term is very wide and you can define it with your own words. You can use technology to finish a couple of task in your daily activities, so that briefly you can describe it as organizations, processes, or products. You can use it in order to improve your abilities and that will make you the most important section of any technological system.

Technology is also a science application in order to solve many problems. But you have to consider that it is different from science that works hand-in-hand in order to finish a couple of certain task or to solve a specific issue.

You probably use technology in everything that you do in your lives. You use it to extract materials, you use it at work, you use it for communication, scaling business, securing data, creating artifacts, manufacturing, learning, transportation, and so much more. It is a human knowledge that involves a couple of systems, tools and materials. The technology application can be found in products or artifacts. If you apply it very well, it can be the most beneficial thing for humans, but if you apply it wrongly, harm can be caused to human beings.

A couple of businesses are applying technology in order to stay competitive. They make new services and product by using it, and they also apply it in order to deliver those services and products to their clients on time. The perfect examples is that a lot of mobile phones companies such as Samsung and Apple use high quality technology in order to create new devices and a couple of other items in order to compete with other competitors.

Many people use technology to do a couple of tasks, so it comes in a couple of different kinds, one of them is communication technology.

Communication Technology

It is a system which uses technical means in order to deliver data or information from one place to other places of from one man to other persons. There are a couple of purposes of communication. It is applied to express emotion, exchange information, and convey ideas. Communication technology tools have been used by humans such as text messaging, fax, emails, computers, and phones in order to keep in touch with family and friends. Meanwhile, these tools used by businesses in order to make decision, promote new products, serve customers needs and much more.